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Lighthouse Psychology is a full-service psychology practice.


Psychological Assessment
Psychological Therapy
Assessment across the Lifespan
Counselling and Therapy across the Lifespan
Dis-Ability Assessments
Child and Youth Therapy
Career Assessment
Career Counselling
Gifted Assessment
Family Therapy
College admissions & professional exam accommodations
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Assessment typically involves: being interviewed, completing questionnaires, and doing a variety of one-to-one tests. Your results can be compared to others to identify strengths and needs. All assessments are individualized to your specific circumstances and needs.


Therapy requires a trusting relationship between you and your therapist. Our goal is to make you comfortable so you can work on what is important to you. We offer client-centred therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), Jungian therapy, dialectical-behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and play-based therapy, among others. We also offer family and relationship therapy. All child therapy is conducted with one or both parents present and participating

At Lighthouse Psychology Services, we use progress monitoring measures to track your progress and ensure that you are benefiting from treatment. We also use session rating measures to ensure that the therapist's approach is working for you.

Assessment Documentation:

At Lighthouse Psychology, we believe in making our assessment reports Clear, Concise, and Practical

Our reports focus on:

  1. Explaining the findings
  2. Communicating any diagnoses
  3. Making useful recommendations for school/work and home

For all child and youth assessments, we also provide a one-page report for your child with:

  1. Their strengths
  2. Their needs
  3. What will help them

For Dis-Ability and Psychoeducational assessments, we will complete paperwork including (where relevant):

  1. Documentation to access school/work accommodations
  2. Dis-Ability Medical Certificates for government applications
  3. Dis-Ability Prescriptions for medical expense deductions
  4. Exam Accommodation medical documentation forms

Communication with Your GP:

For all of our work, we will communicate to your family doctor:

  1. Any assessment findings
  2. Your progress in therapy
  3. Any suggested medical investigations or consultations

Full written consent required for this service.