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Lighthouse Psychology is a full-service psychology practice.


Psychological Assessment
Psychological Therapy
Assessment across the Lifespan
Counselling and Therapy across the Lifespan
Dis-Ability Assessments
Child and Youth Therapy
Career Assessment
Career Counselling
Gifted Assessment
Family Therapy
Assessments for High-Stakes Exam Accommodation
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Assessment typically involves: being interviewed, completing questionnaires, and doing a variety of one-to-one tests. Your results can be compared to others to identify strengths and needs.


Therapy requires a trusting relationship between you and your therapist. Our goal is to make you comfortable so you can work on what is important to you. We offer client-centred therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), Jungian therapy, and play-based therapy. We also offer family and relationship therapy. All child therapy is conducted with one or both parents present and participating

Assessment Documentation:

At Lighthouse Psychology, we believe in making our assessment reports Clear, Concise, and Practical

Our reports focus on:

  1. Explaining the findings
  2. Communicating any diagnoses
  3. Making useful recommendations for school/work and home

For all child and youth assessments, we also provide a one-page report for your child with:

  1. Their strengths
  2. Their needs
  3. What will help them

For Dis-Ability and Psychoeducational assessments, we will complete paperwork including (where relevant):

  1. Documentation to access school/work accommodations
  2. Dis-Ability Medical Certificates for government applications
  3. Dis-Ability Prescriptions for medical expense deductions
  4. Exam Accommodation medical documentation forms

Communication with Your GP:

For all of our work, we will communicate to your family doctor:

  1. Any assessment findings
  2. Your progress in therapy
  3. Any suggested medical investigations or consultations

Full written consent required for this service.